Book Now - Skydive Weekday - Tandem

With our convenient drop zone based in Torquay at the start of The Great Ocean Road before Bells Beach, Australian Skydive is only a 60 minute drive from Melbourne CBD. Skydive over The Great Ocean Road, and experience the feeling of free falling for up to 60 seconds from up to 15,000ft

Average Duration: Allow approximately 2-3 Hours from arrival

About Torquay

Located a short 15 minute drive from Geelong on the surf coast, Torquay is the start of the world famous Great Ocean Road and home to surf brands Rip Curl and Quicksilver. Your skydive here will guarantee a sensational view of the spectacular coastline and surrounding region.
Your flight over the beginning of the Great Ocean Road is spectacular and you can see beautiful Bells Beach and Barwon and Port Phillip Heads from the air. Enjoy the sensation of freefall for up to 60 seconds. Your parachute then opens and you are gently floating down to earth under your parachute for 5 minutes where your friends will be cheering you on as you land.
Friends and Family can use our designated viewing area to watch you takeoff then land under canopy!

Torquay Airport,
325 Blackgate Road
Torquay, VIC 3228

Dress Code

We recommend you wear loose, casual and comfortable clothing with sneakers/runners as footwear. Remember it gets cold up there so please bring a jumper/hoodie. We will provide you jump pants to put on over your clothes and gloves if it's chilly.

Spectator Information

Our facilities include a picnic / viewing area for friends and family to watch your special event! (including wheelchair access)

We do have drinks available for purchase but not snacks or food.

Weather Information

A text will be sent out on the day of the booking, round 7.00 - 7.30 am, to the contact number in our system. This will state whether jumps will be going ahead on time or not. If you have not received the text by 7.30 am, please give us a call on 0401 809 022 two hours before your booking time to confirm the weather. Please do NOT call before 7:30am.

Please be aware that at the time of calling we will give you the best indication we can in regards to the weather but there is always a chance that weather conditions can change before you arrive at the drop zone. If there are changes before you arrive we do send out texts regarding the change and instructions on what to do.

Skydiving is dependent on weather conditions and can sometimes be delayed or even cancelled due to bad weather.

Other Information

Before you arrive please go to the website URL below and have everyone jumping fill out the membership application for the Australian Parachute Federation - If you have skydived before please leave it until the day and will help you in our office.

Please allow 2-3 hours from your arrival time for the experience, just in case of delays, weather or other unforeseen delays on the day.

There is an opportunity to have your skydive recorded on the day. This is just arranged in our office when you arrive. The package is $145 and comes on a USB drive with approximately 5 minutes of video footage and over 300 digital photos.

All participants will be weighed on the day. Anyone over 100kg will be unable to participate in the skydive. This weight limit is a Legal and Safety requirement from the Australian Parachute Federation, the governing body for Skydiving in Australia