Book Now - Accelerated Freefall Skydive Course Stage 1

The course will start on the first weekend of each month and then continue over the following weekends.

For your first stage (AFF #1) you will undertake on the first day approximately 8 hours of classroom / ground training, learning and rehearsing each component of the skydive, until you are 100% ready to go. All of our equipment is modern and is thoroughly inspected after each jump.

On the second day after a little refresher training on what you learnt the day before, you will exit the aircraft with two instructors holding on to you, execute the required skydive tasks on your way down, deploying your own parachute at 4500 feet, then fly through the sky to your landing area assisted by ground instructors.

Once you have successfully completed the first stage of the course you will then be able to proceed through the following 8 stages that you need to complete on your way to your 'A' Licence that will allow you to jump on your own in Australia or around the world.

For more detailed information about the course please go to our website page at:

Average Duration: 2 days - Saturday and Sunday - 8 hours each day.

About Torquay

Located a short 15 minute drive from Geelong on the surf coast, Torquay is the start of the world famous Great Ocean Road and home to surf brands Rip Curl and Quicksilver. Your skydive here will guarantee a sensational view of the spectacular coastline and surrounding region.
Your flight over the beginning of the Great Ocean Road is spectacular and you can see beautiful Bells Beach and Barwon and Port Phillip Heads from the air. Enjoy the sensation of freefall for up to 60 seconds. Your parachute then opens and you are gently floating down to earth under your parachute for 5 minutes where your friends will be cheering you on as you land.
Friends and Family can use our designated viewing area to watch you takeoff then land under canopy!

Torquay Airport,
325 Blackgate Road
Torquay, VIC 3228

Dress Code

We recommend you wear loose, casual and comfortable clothing with sneakers/runners as footwear. Remember it gets cold up there so please bring a jumper/hoodie. We will provide you with all of the equipment you will require to complete the skydive.

Spectator Information

We have a viewing area (including wheelchair access) for friends and family to watch your special event!

Our facilities include a picnic area with BBQ and vending machines with light snacks and refreshments. Bring snacks and drinks as there is very limited access to these items at the drop zone. Torquay is a short 7 minute drive away and has an assortment of restaurants, take away and cafes.

Weather Information

The course will start at 8.00 am on the first day of the course, this is the time your will need to be at the Dropzone to commence the course. The second day will normally start around the same time but you would be required to call 1800 557 101 on the morning of the second day to check the weather, in case weather doesn't permit jumping. Calls are allowed only after 7.30 am.


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